Mental Health Support for children, young people, their families and professionals

Children and Families

Are you a parent or caregiver who is worried about the emotional well being or mental health of your child? Or maybe you are a family experiencing challenges you would like to address? I can offer specialist and clinically evidence based support for a wide range of issues including childhood anxiety, stress, low mood, self harm, eating difficulties, sleep difficulties, behavioural difficulties, self esteem and confidence, bullying and friendship difficulties, bereavement, alcohol and drug misuse, domestic violence, family separation, pre and post natal mental health, preparing to become parents, introducing new members to the family and many others.

It can sometimes feel overwhelming when looking for the right support for your childs psychological distress.  I can offer you the opportunity to make sense of what may be happening and provide the right level of support for your child and family to move forward with their emotional well-being. 

 With therapy rooms in Quinton, Matlock and online appointments, I offer a safe, relaxed and supportive environment for you, your child and family.