Mental Health Support for children, young people, their families and professionals


Sometimes, unresolved feelings and experiences from our childhood can cause distress in our daily lives as adults. Early childhood trauma, loss and separation, relationship difficulties, parental separation, parental drug and alcohol use, parental mental health difficulties, growing up in the care system and as an adopted child, can all contribute towards feelings of distress and unresolved emotional conflict. I can help you to understand and make sense of your experiences and feelings with the aim of improving your emotional ‘wellness’ and thrive.

I am qualified and experienced in lots of different Psychological approaches. I am also very compassionate, non-judgemental and friendly. Some people benefit from one or two consultations to make sense of their feelings and well-being, other people benefit from longer term therapy. With expertise and experience in understanding child development, I can work with you to meet your needs and reach your goals as an adult.